Economics of Healthcare: Region’s Success

The Economics of Healthcare: PDN HIE Commits to the Region’s Success

You may not know the phrase “Meaningful Use.” But trust me – your physician does. Meaningful Use (MU) is likely the reason your physician adopted an electronic health record (EHR). Federal MU regulations have rewarded or penalized doctors based on whether and how they use EHRs, and compliance has not been easy. Just ask your physician – they are sure to have a story or two.

These federal regulations are changing, and the stakes for physicians will be even higher. Most physicians in our region will be worried about a new acronym: MIPS. The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System will reward or penalize physicians based on quality measures and their use of technology.

There will be winners and losers. In 2019, physicians’ will get up to a 4% boost to their Medicare reimbursement or write a check for up to 4% to Medicare. The stakes will continue to get higher. By 2019, the check will be up to 9% of their Medicare reimbursement.

Even though the penalties and rewards won’t kick-in until 2019, physicians must start preparing today. Payments in 2019 will be based on performance beginning in 2017, and meeting these new requirements will be a challenge for physicians, particularly physicians in smaller practices with fewer resources.


PHIX (formerly known as Paso Del Norte Health Information Exchange) wants our communities to be among the winners in the new MIPS ballgame. For this reason, PHIX hired Bruce Edmunds as our new Director of Physician Engagement in June. Bruce’s role is to help physicians navigate the sea of regulations from MU to MIPS and beyond.  Bruce will also assist practices onsite with EHR implementation and optimization, quality reporting, HIPAA compliance, and health IT security. These services will be provided in El Paso County, southern New Mexico, and rural counties in western Texas.

Our vision is that our region will become a leader in the integration of healthcare and technology to support high-quality patient care. Strengthening physician practices in our communities will also support physician recruitment and prepare physicians to participate in the PHIX.

If you are a physician or have a friend who may be interested, please call the PHIX at (915) 242 -0674 for more information.