By using or referencing the coupon code PHIX at time of payment or checkout*, you will receive a 5% discount per provider subscription fee.

Total cost per Provider $189.05 which includes:

  • Submission through a CMS Medicre Qualified Registry
  • Easy PQRS Submission
  • Unlimited phone and email support from MDInteractive
  • Real-time performance reports
  • Video tutorials
  • 24/7 Data accessibility
  • Data review before submission to CMS
  • If you decide not to submit your data to Medicare, MDInteractive will not charge you.  (Payment is made at time of submission)

Please visit for more information or click here to create an account.

*By using the coupon code provided, you acknowledge and agree that MDInteractive and PHIX are completely separate and independent entities and are not affiliated in any way or responsible for the acts of each other.  PHIX makes no warranties or representations and does not guarantee successful PQRS submission or compliance with CMS guidelines through MDInteractive, even if PHIX provides recommendations to assist with PQRS submission.

Benefits of a Health Information Exchange

Benefits of PHIX will provide remote data access for providers, access a patient's longitudinal health record, improved efficiency, increased quality of care, and improved patient safety.


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Increased Availability of Relevant Information

Access to information electronically may help you more quickly obtain information about new and current patients, avoid duplicating tests, and understand medication and other clinical treatment history.

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