EP MedCorps

PHIX is currently working to help recruit a volunteer work force in response to COVID-19


El Paso Needs You!
The El Paso healthcare community needs your specialized skills now more than ever. EP MedCorps was established to help handle overflow in El Paso, in the event that the region’s healthcare system suffers a shortage of personnel to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

EP MedCorps is not just for COVID-19 though. This group of volunteers will be ready to help respond to any health care crisis.

Why volunteer?
The time is now for community members to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who can volunteer?
Everyone who is interested is encouraged to sign-up to be ready to volunteer. This includes and is not limited to clinicians of all specialties and backgrounds, including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapist, and pharmacy technicians. Retired or licensed out-of-state professionals are welcomed.

We also need community members who can help in other ways. For example, we have volunteers delivering meals and supplies.

Volunteer today!
Whatever your background or specialty, EP MedCorps needs your information now so that our community is prepared to come together to help respond to health crises. Please call (915) 242-0676 or click here to submit your information if you would like to volunteer your help.
Submitting your information does not obligate your commitment. We will reach out with more details if your skillset can help our community.