Our Mission

To improve health through collaboration and data technology.
PHIX is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in El Paso, TX.


Our Vision

Our communities will be leaders in the collaborative usage of HIT toward improved health care delivery.


Our Values

  1. Trust is fundamental.

PHIX aims to be a faithful steward of health care data on behalf of our partners and our community. We will build and maintain trust through transparency, communication, and robust privacy and security standards.

  1. Collaboration makes us better.

PHIX is committed to working together with our partners and our community. We believe in sharing data, knowledge, and resources among partners. We are stronger standing together than standing alone.

  1. Innovation keeps us moving forward.

Health IT is an innovative and fast-paced field, and PHIX will not get comfortable. We must always seek greatness by bringing value to our community today and by seeking new ideas and making strategic decisions to ensure continued value for our community in the future.

  1. Inclusiveness leads to understanding.

PHIX is committed to learning. We seek to understand the ideas, perspectives, and experiences of others so that we continue to be a community asset that reflects the priorities of many constituencies.

  1. Quality is what our stakeholders deserve.

Value is the result of finding the balance between best in class and efficiently meeting the specific needs of our communities.

  1. Compassion drives us.

Our underlying goal is to improve the health of our community. Compassion motivates us to get the right data to the right place at the right time for the right care.