Who We Are

PHIX is a unique collaborative of major health care leaders in El Paso. These leaders have come together to solve a fundamental health care problem: unreliable and inefficient health information sharing. As a result, care coordination is difficult, lab tests are unnecessarily repeated, and patients are left struggling to remember their medications every time they see a new provider.

PHIX is working to solve this problem with four key services:

NETWORK:  PHIX pulls health information from the electronic health records (EHRs) of all providers in the PHIX network. This health information is stored in a centralized record so that patients’ health information in one place. This centralized record gives providers a more complete picture of each patient’s health.

NAVIGATE:  Services support physician practices in optimizing their utilization of EHR technology and navigating complex federal regulations, quality reporting requirements, and privacy and security standards.

DIRECT:  A secure and encrypted emailing service for providers. HIPAA- compliant email. DIRECT enables providers to more efficiently communicate about patients. It is particularly valuable for discussing sensitive health information.

PHIX is supporting Congressman O’Rourke’s Veteran’s Administration (VA) pilot by integrating veteran’s health information across VA and community providers.  PHIX is connected to the VA and the Department of Defense.  This connection includes William Beaumont Army Medical Center.