PHIX is a non-profit founded by El Paso health leaders in 2010 to improve health through collaboration and data technology.

PHIX facilitates data sharing between hospitals, emergency departments, clinics, public health, laboratories, imaging centers, and other health providers. This data sharing is supported by health information exchange technology.

Through our clinical viewer, providers can review their patients’ records from across the PHIX network. Having access to medical records securely and electronically at the point of care drives value by improving outcomes, reducing readmissions, and reducing repeat imaging, labs, and diagnostic procedures.

PHIX also leverages our health information exchange technology and data to respond to local needs.

Using PHIX to access your patients’ medical records can decrease the likelihood of their readmission to the emergency department or hospital!

In a study done by Dr. Sloan-Aagard titled “The Impact of Community Health Information Exchange Usage on Time to Reutilization of Hospital Services,” the effect of Health Information Exchange (HIE) access on patient readmission was reviewed.

This study reviewed the Paso del Norte Health Information Exchange (PHIX) and found that doctors’ use of the health information exchange was associated with an increased length of time before the patients were re-admitted to the ED from 99 to 238 days. Further, the likelihood of a patient re-admission to the the ED decreased by 53% while re-hospitalizations decreased by 61%.

Click HERE or on the picture to read the full peer-reviewed study.






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